Our Plan for Covid-19 (Coronavirus)

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Updated 23/03/20 - We are now remote working

As uncertainty grows throughout this difficult period we would just like to assure you that we are committed in continuing to provide an exceptional level of support and service, while ensuring the health and wellbeing of our staff, their families, our clients and suppliers.

In the interest of our team's health and wellbeing, On Friday 20th March we made the decision to switch to remote working, as an agency we are fully equipped for this. This was already part of our business continuity plan and since the start of the Covid-19 outbreak we'd been stepping up our preparations to ensure our staff have the resources and equipment they need to work from home and continue providing you with our usual service.

Any scheduled face-to-face meetings will be replaced with video or conference calls where possible. Many of our clients have access to video conferencing facilities, but if anyone needs help or advice, we're happy to assist.

Supporting you

We appreciate that this will be a difficult and uncertain time for many businesses. As a company our ethos has always been built around growing with our clients, this includes the hard times as well as the good ones, so we can assure you that we'll be doing everything we can to maintain the highest possible levels of support and service throughout this period in order to help you continue to promote your business. 

If you have any queries regarding our policy or need advice/ideas on keeping your brand relevant then please get in touch

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By Mark on 15 March, 2020