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22 Nov 17

Matt's Beginners Guide to Digital Marketing; In 500 Words!

Digital marketing is super-exciting, super-fun and super-nerdy; of course, that’s all down to opinion, but, read on marketers!

Let me take you on a journey, through the world of modern day marketing. Get ready to begin your adventure, capitalising all the potential that’s lurking on the web exploring creative new avenues along the way. Ready? Set, go!

What is Email Marketing?

Inventive's Guide to Digital Marketing
31 Oct 17

Web Developer Vacancy!

We're looking for a skilled and innovative Web Developer to join our small, talented team! If you want to develop great websites at a young and successful company based in "sunny" North Devon, then please read on...

We specialise in delivering Drupal and WordPress projects to clients ranging from startups to national brands and nonprofit organisations throughout the UK, helping them to identify opportunities for innovation and stay competitive.

Our projects range from inspiring brochure websites, to large scale complex directory/membership sites, all with a strong focus on the end-user experience.

Web Developer Job Vacancy Devon
28 Sep 17

Generate London - The Web Developers Conference

Breaking Uber and The Generate Conference

Having arrived the night before, we were up early to be greeted by a beautiful sunrise on the London horizon. We met for breakfast and were keen to head straight over to The Generate Conference, deciding to use Uber to get there. No sooner had Howard downloaded the app and ordered his first ever Uber taxi,  did my phone ding, alerting us that Uber had just lost their license to run in London; it was needless to say, the Uber didn’t arrive and Howard’s still waiting for his refund!

The conference was held at the Royal Institution, an inspiring building steeped in history and devoted to scientific education and research. 

Dan Thorne and Howard Thomson Inventive Developers
13 Sep 17

Inside Inventive - September 17

The Inventive offices are perched in the beautiful North Devon village of Bishops Tawton, just a short drive away from the hustle and bustle of Barnstaple.

It is here that our talented team of graphic designers and web developers keep the Inventive cogs turning, producing some top-notch marketing and design projects!

So, here’s a little break down of what’s been going on here this September…

What’s happening in the studio?

Inside - Inventive Print and Web September
23 Aug 17

The Clash of 2 Marketing Giants – Digital vs Print

Two Titans stand, but one must claim the crown… Warning - The ending is a let-down.


Ever since I started studying marketing, I’ve always held the question, “Should I use digital marketing, or should I stick to printed marketing material?”

A question so elusive, even Google holds a mish-mash of obscure answers and dramatic opinions. 

In this article, I’m pursuing to put an end this question once and for all. Digital Marketing or Print? 

...So, what have the candidates got to offer? 




For years, print has reigned supreme, and rightly so. What’s better than holding a brand new business card, fresh off the press, or browsing through a catalogue looking for your dream holiday destination?

The Clash of 2 Marketing Giants – Digital vs Print
23 Aug 17

Long Live Print: 3 Reasons Why You Should Keep Printing!

Print is still alive and thriving, holding its crown tight in its grasp. Let me show you 3 reasons why print still reigns supreme…

1.Customer Attention is Running Short

What do you do as soon as you get home from work? Switch on the TV? Probably, and I’m sure that at some point or another, you’re going to see an advert, but do you take it in? Probably not.

Maybe, you get home from work the next day and decide to start reading a magazine you picked up at the store, and in it is a flyer, ‘The New Sports Car 5,000 - Only £9.99 a Month’, “wow! Awesome”, you think to yourself.

After all, curiosity killed the cat, right?

Do you remember that advert from the night before? Eh, me neither. 


16 Jan 17

Job Vacancy - Digital Marketing Executive

We're looking for a confident, skilled and passionate digital marketing exec to join our talented team here in North Devon. Our clients range from national hotel chains and tour operators to retailers and charities. The ideal candidate will have agency experience within the digital sector and will be able to draw upon their passion for digital marketing. 

05 Jan 17

My first month in the world of graphic design

Just over a month ago, I started my graphic design apprenticeship with Inventive, not really knowing what to expect, I felt like I was starting school again. It helped that I was lucky enough to have a weeks work experience with Inventive a few weeks before I started properly, so coming in on my first day wasn’t too daunting.

22 Dec 16

Christmas at Inventive

It’s that time of year again... time for over-indulgence with seasonal celebrations

It all started with our Christmas Party. The fun kicked off with a pool competition and quiz, with Mark as quiz master and Stu keeping track of the score. Quality prizes were up for grabs to ensure we all put in our best efforts... although due to our inability to get many correct answers (possibly due to partaking Nicol’s hot mulled cider) Mark promptly ran out of questions for us. Then a game of Drawful, organised by Howard did nothing to prove that any of us should be designers or illustrators. All this fun was followed by a delicious Christmas Dinner over the road at the Chichester Arms. This year, I have to say, no-one set fire to the tablecloth!

24 Nov 16

Websites, Brochures iMacs and Beers!

It's been a busy few weeks here at Inventive, which has seen seen the completion of some great projects, the arrival of some shiny new imacs (putting big smiles on our developers faces) and an office reshuffle which went long into the night (aided by a case of Corona!).

Here's a little insight into what we've been working on...

Inventive Web Design Devon