Estate Agency Website Drupal 8

JD Commercial

JD Commercial Estate Agents specialise in the sale of commercial property throughout Devon, Cornwall and Somerset. The company’s website plays a key role in their marketing strategy, so when they decided the time had come for a new one they approached Inventive to help.

Interface Design

With their website approaching 7 years old a new interface design was essential, not only to refresh the look and feel of the website but most importantly to improve the user experience

Following consultation with the client and research into the competitive landscape, our web designers created a sitemap and then went about sketching wireframes of how the content would be laid out across the website.

We then turned these wireframes into high-fidelity designs which were proofed to the client and tweaked according to their preferences. The result was a clean, modern interface design, free of clutter ensuring that the user is drawn to the important areas of the page.

JD Commercial Drupal 8 Estate Agency Website

Drupal 8 Content Management System (CMS)

Providing a bespoke easy to use Content Management System for the new website was a key requirement. The owners had been using the CMS on their previous website for seven years and as such were quickly able to identify several areas which required improvement.

One example was that certain properties needed to be listed as available both for sale and for rent, using their old CMS this had meant creating two separate property listings, one for sale and one for rent, a tedious and time-consuming process that we were easily able to eliminate when developing the new CMS. A faceted search facility to help users refine their property search was also required, alongside a search by map feature.

As multiple content types were required, along with the need for a faceted search, we developed the website using the open source Drupal 8 framework, to create a powerful and flexible Content Management System which could be scaled and developed to accommodate any future requirements.

Launch the JD Commercial Website

“The design of the website was carried out to exactly meet the requirements I had asked for. All stages were explained to me in English not Jargon, which I found was a huge difference after speaking to other companies. Thank you very much”
James Doble - Managing Director