3 Copywriting Tips To Increase Marketing Presence

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If you were to ask our studio, “Hey, how can I help my business achieve a bigger presence?”, they’d be quick to tell you about the importance of branding. 

Branding is one of the most pinnacle aspects of any business - A great brand identity can help to accelerate a companies presence both online and offline, but branding is far from just having a pretty logo, colour palette and choosing a few fonts, it also spans to the style of copywriting of the business. 

Copywriting is often majorly overlooked, but when used effectively it can heighten any campaign. Brands should look to set guidelines for use of tone and lexis throughout different channels of communication in order to maximise effectiveness of marketing materials. 

Absolut Vodka’s 25-year long advertising campaign is a great example of how clever copywriting can help to enhance your marketing strategy. Absolut relied on striking imagery of it’s iconic vodka bottle with complimenting copy, “Absolut insert place/event here”. Clean, simple and impactful. 

Another great example of catchy copywriting is Nike’s “Just Do It”, which triggers imagery of inspiration and sportsmanship which has majorly helped Nike boost it's marketshare in the shoe business from 18% to 43% - That's an increase of sales from $877 million to $9.2 billion. Source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Just_Do_It

The question is: How can my business leverage quality copy in order to improve their marketing presence both online and offline in this ever-changing marketing-lead world? Let’s get started…

Inventive Copy Writing

Ditch the Mundane CTA's

Your target demographic lead busy lives and just like the rest of us, they don’t want to be bothered by pop-ups throughout your website asking them to sign up to newsletters - not only is this intrusive to the users online-experience, over-saturation of the practice can become boring to web users. Instead, why not get creative with your calls to action?

EPIC do a great job at this, leveraging friendly calls to action such as, “Let’s start a project together”. In this example the customer is encouraged to get involved as EPIC injects it's customer-first attitude into the advertisement. Cleverly written and cleverly placed CTA's can be pinnacle in increasing the conversion rate of your companies goals. 

Whilst we’re on the subject: Why not Get Inventive and check out our digital marketing and copywriting services? See what we did there? 

Research and Write For Your Target Audience

This all boils down to time once again, the audience you’re writing for may not have the time focus on reading essays nor want to endure a barrage of complex words. 

It’s a well known fact that simple is always better, right? Whilst that will remain true 99% of the time, copywriters and marketers alike should do their research to answer the following questions before writing copy for any campaign:

  1. Who is our current audience? 
  2. What audience should we be targeting?
  3. What do we want our audience to know?

Fuelled with the correct research, your copywriting will all-in-all turn out more targeted. Online users want their questions answered as quickly as possible, as you can see in this graph below that compares Google Search queries regarding, “Budget Hotels”, “Low Cost Hotels”, “Cheap Hotels”:

Google Trends Screenshot comparing the success of 3 keywords

Armed with the above knowledge we can draw the conclusion that if your marketing strategy is to target online users looking for cheap hotels, you’ll want to make sure that any written pieces you create answer questions quickly and effectively. 

Whilst it may currently be true that online users want answers as quick as possible, I have also predicted that users will eventually stray away from quick two word searches and instead opt-for fully fledged sentences as voice search becomes more prevalent.

If the future of S.E.O and voice search interests you, feel free to read my previous blog.

Inject Passion Into Your Campaigns

Marketing can come across as robotic and heartless at times, but that’s where creative copy can save the day, after all, we’re trying to portray a brand that’s run by real people with real emotions rather than a corporate robot. 

Copywriters and marketers should strategise the involvement of personality into all of their campaigns, actively trying to help and inspire the user and their target audience. This can be done by leveraging transparent copy that accurately describes the positives that company is aiming to portray. 

Innocent Smoothies' advertising campaigns do a really good job of this. Their brand relies on cute imagery and soft copy, which really helps to make their company seem human - people like this! For example, Innocent Smoothies ran a campaign over winter showcasing their product with the copy, "Show winter who's boss" - A perfect example of how adding a bit of personality can help enhance any campaign. 

And finally, let’s be honest, nobody likes an advertisement with a hard-sell. Which is why it’s the copywriters' job to communicate that companies brand across the target demographic in a way which will connect. 

Thanks for reading up on how to increase your brand with copywriting, I hope it was informative. Feel free to let us know how we did by contacting us, and feel free to browse our services!

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By Matt on 8 October, 2018