Clash of the Marketing Giants

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Digital vs Print - Clash of the Giants

Two Titans stand, but one must claim the crown…
Warning - The ending is a let-down.

Ever since I started studying marketing, I’ve always held the question, “Should I use digital marketing, or should I stick to printed marketing material?”

A question so elusive, even Google holds a mish-mash of obscure answers and dramatic opinions. 

In this article, I’m pursuing to put an end this question once and for all. Digital Marketing or Print? 

...So, what have the candidates got to offer? 


For years, print has reigned supreme, and rightly so. What’s better than holding a brand new business card, fresh off the press, or browsing through a catalogue looking for your dream holiday destination?

Print also has the power to hold customer retention for longer than say a website. Generally the web is too hard to read, attention will be lost the further into the article you get. Truth is, if you’re reading print, you’re most probably interested.

Let’s talk looks; emotion-provoking, eyecatching colours along with simplistic copy can turn heads and this in turn, can generate sales and returning customers. 

The power of touch also allows for a human element to your advertising, almost building a rapport with your customer, without even seeing them. 


Everything online is at your fingertips. There’s no need to go chasing down something you need anymore: You want the perfect recipe for a chicken korma? You got it. You want to know how to change a tire? It’s right there waiting. If you’re on the internet and you’re answering questions, you’re going to get found sooner or later. 

A well designed website, with high quality content coupled with a good digital marketing campaign can help drive a lot of traffic, and potentially gain you a lot of new business.
The digital world also has a distinct advantage over print, when it comes to measuring results. Analytics tools can help you track the performance of your campaigns and give you useful insights into your marketing efforts, helping you to plan future campaigns and justify costs to the bosses!  

Clash of the Giants - Digital vs Print

The Summary

I hate to be that guy that ends a story with, “…and then he woke up, it was all a dream”, but a perfect marketing strategy would be a combination of the two. 

Why can’t both digital and print marketing join together in harmony? Clicks on your ads could lead into a customer joining your mailing list, opting-in to receiving direct mail to their house monthly,all combining to deliver you results. Brilliant! 

Did you know we design both digital and print? Get in touch to find out how Inventive can help improve your digital and print marketing campaigns.

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By Matt on 23 August, 2017
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