3 reasons why you should keep printing

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Long Live Print

Print is still alive and thriving, holding its crown tight in its grasp. Let me show you 3 reasons why print still reigns supreme…

1.Customer Attention is Running Short

What do you do as soon as you get home from work? Switch on the TV? Probably, and I’m sure that at some point or another, you’re going to see an advert, but do you take it in? Probably not.

Maybe, you get home from work the next day and decide to start reading a magazine you picked up at the store, and in it is a flyer, ‘The New Sports Car 5,000 - Only £9.99 a Month’, “wow! Awesome”, you think to yourself.

After all, curiosity killed the cat, right?

Do you remember that advert from the night before? Eh, me neither. 

2.Print is Eyecatching

Print is Eyecatching

There’s nothing more eyecatching than colour. Colours trigger emotion; red is passionate whilst yellow’s happiness and if it makes you feel good, you’d be more inclined to do it.

So, what makes you venture into a shop? For me it’s the big, ‘50% off’ signs or the, ‘Buy One get One Free’ posters perched outside. It’s truly alluring.

And that is why window shopping, usually doesn’t stay as window shopping, the print is just too-damn good looking!

I just can’t take my eyes off you!

3.Scan, scan, scan

Research shows that we don’t read online anymore, we just scan. Have you ever noticed that generally, every website, search engine or blog looks like a big “F”?

  • A headline at the top – Punchy and eyecatching
  • A subtitle – Summarises the article
  • The article itself – Mostly scanned

Studies show that humans generally read the headline, the subtitle, but then lose interest the more the article is read.

With print, you don’t get this lack of enthusiasm. How do you read a book? Left to right, one line at a time, right? Thus, with some decent copy, your print will keep you audience’s eye for longer.

Do you speak internet?

So, there it is, 3 simple reasons why print is still alive and kicking! Long live print!

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By Matt on 23 August, 2017
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